Do you have PCOS? Are you ready to take control of your health and feel better than ever before?

Over the years I’ve worked with many women with POCS. I often hear from these women they are frustrated with their symptoms, they’re confused and have lost hope. They’ve often seen a number of health professionals and have been told to “just lose weight”, take a bunch of supplements or follow the latest fad diet.

What a lot of people (even health professionals) don’t realise is that weight loss is incredibly difficult with PCOS and where fad diets may help with a little weight loss they’re often not sustainable and are more likely to increase stress and lower self-esteem.

As PCOS can impact fertility many women are also frightened about difficulties trying to start a family.

If this sounds familiar to you, if you’re frustrated by your PCOS symptoms and you’re ready to take control of your health and PCOS, I can help.

Together we develop and adapt a plan to meet your individual goals and needs and I provide guidance and support to create change without adding stress to your life.

If you’re ready to feel empowered and take control over your health and PCOS symptoms just call and make an appointment with me today.

If you know 10 women chances are you know someone who has endometriosis (endo) because it effects 1 in 10 women. The symptoms of endo vary among women but can include exhaustion, heavy and painful periods, chronic pain, bowel problems such as abdominal pain, diarrhoea, constipation or bloating and fertility difficulties.

As the symptoms are so variable the average woman suffers for 7 to 10 years before being diagnosed! Unfortunately there is no cure for endo.

If you have endo you’re probably desperate to find a diet that can help.  If you’ve turned to doctor google, (and  I know you have – you’re only human), then by now you’re probably confused and facing a long list of fad restrictive diets cutting out a whole lot of healthy delicious foods. 

Despite miracle diet cures flooding the internet unfortunately endo cannot be cured by diet. Diet changes can however help you manage your symptoms and has even been shown to reduce the progression of the condition. The fact is there’s not one diet to treat or cure endo, but there are a number of strategies to help improve bowel symptoms, energy levels, inflammation and improve your overall wellbeing.

Working with me helps take the guess work out of your diet. I help women make sense of all the information out there and together we develop a plan to help you improve your symptoms that fits into your lifestyle.

Do you need help deciphering the endo diet facts from fiction? Get in touch and book an appointment with me now