Tomato Soup with Tortellini

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Do I have to give up pasta if I have PCOS? This is a question I get asked all the time.
This beautiful tomato and tortellini soup is a great way to enjoy some pasta without having a large serve. It’s perfect for those with PCOS, insulin resistance, or even gestational diabetes.
If you’re sick of trying to cut out your favourite foods but you’re not sure what to eat with PCOS, make a discovery call appointment to chat about how we can work together. I promise you won’t have to give up pasta, or bread or fruit or dairy!

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Why is Iron Important for Women Pregnant with Twins?

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Congratulations you’ve just found out you’re having twins!  This is an exciting time but for some women it can lead to feelings of isolation and confusion. When you’re pregnant with twins or more you have different nutritional requirements than women pregnant with one baby. If you’ve tried to find out what the nutritional recommendations are […]

Can Fish Help Me Get Pregnant?

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Can Fish Help Me Get Pregnant? It’s well known that a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition in the preconception period increases the chance of a successful pregnancy. So let’s talk about fish. The good news is there is fairly strong evidence that increasing fish in your diet can improve your chances of falling pregnant. Unfortunately […]