1:1 Consultations

After we've worked together to set some goals and strategies, we'll break things down into (Read More)

Pregnancy & Fertility Services

Nicole can provide practical information that is tailored to your needs before, during and after pregnancy. (Read more)

Groups & Presentations

Nicole is available for groups and presentations. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Body Composition Testing

You can get a detailed and accurate body composition analysis with the InBody 270. (Read more)

Consultation Fees:

15 minute Discovery Call

Initial consultation
1 hr $180
During the initial consultation Nicole spends an hour with you. You get an InBody scan to accurately access your body composition and metabolism. We discuss your medical and diet history, activity level, eating habits as well as lifestyle and food preferences. We then work together to set goals and strategies to achieve them.

Coaching Program
$420 (usually $580)
Includes six follow up face-to-face or online consultations and a body composition scan voucher you can use yourself or give to a friend.

Programs are designed for those who are looking for a little extra support and accountability. 

Research shows that clients who have regular follow up consultations significantly increase their chance of successful dietary and lifestyle modifications. Programs are tailor made according to your lifestyle, food preferences and health goals. They’re designed to give you the nutritional information you need, along with plenty of motivation and support, to help you reach your goals. 

Pay as you go follow up consultation
30 minutes $90
This option is best suited for clients who only wish to schedule a single follow up appointment or only require a couple of consultations.

Body Composition Testing 
10-15 mins $40

In some circumstances medicare rebates are available for clients who are referred by their doctor.  Ask your doctor if this applies to you.

Private Health Insurance
You may be able to claim a rebate from your private health insurer, depending on your level of cover.  Some funds have very good dietetic rebates, so please check with your health fund to determine your eligibility.


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