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Look no further, Nicole is your experienced women’s health, fertility and prenatal
dietitian nutritionist.

If you’re feeling confused by all the conflicting information around fertility, pregnancy and diet and frustrated because you want to know you’re doing everything you can to help reach that goal of a healthy pregnancy and baby. I want to give you some peace of mind right now – I get it and I can help.

You see I’ve been there. I have to admit when I was pregnant with my first baby I was a stress head. I worried about paint fumes, food and listeria, colouring my hair, lying on my back in pilates, whether baby was growing enough or too much….Oh and then I started worrying about – what all this worrying was doing to my baby! Does that sound familiar? 

It seemed everyone had an opinion about my pregnancy, whether I had gained enough weight, what I should be eating, what I shouldn’t be eating and to make it worse all the advice was conflicting. I was a community dietitian at the time working with families and children and I decided I needed to take matters into my own hands and find out everything I could about pregnancy and diet. So when I returned to work after time off to have my family I founded Best Food Forward a dietetic practise focusing on women’s health, pregnancy and fertility. 

With over 15 years’ experience as an Accredited Practicing Dietitian, a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, and (importantly) as a mother, you can be assured that I have the skills, knowledge and experience to cut through the noise and give you the facts. You can trust that the advice I give is based on the latest scientific evidence and is practical. My mission is to save women A LOT of time and angst by providing expert and personalised guidance rather than scouring through google trying to find answers that may or may not be appropriate for your fertility and pregnancy experience.

If you really enjoy your food and you’re concerned I’m going to be a health freak and put you on a strict diet you don’t have to worry. I love food, cooking and sharing meals with my friends and family. You shouldn’t have to give up the food you love to be healthy. I’m also a mum and running my own business so I appreciate that sometimes you’re looking for quick, easy, healthy meal suggestions and recipes and I’ve got you covered there too. 


My passion to specialise in nutrition for pregnancy and fertility led me to discover something called epigenetics– (I won’t get into all the science of it because I get not everyone gets excited about the science stuff like I do. In a nutshell the science of epigenetics shows that what you eat when you’re pregnant and even leading up to pregnancy has an impact not only on your health, your baby’s health, and reducing pregnancy complications but on the long term health of your baby as an adult!  

So having the right information for your pregnancy is critical for the very long-term health of your child.As a mother I’m proud to be using my expert knowledge to raise two healthy daughters, but in my work I get to help women and couples everyday who are trying to conceive and women who are pregnant, and I’m thrilled to know I’m having a wider impact on the health of the next generation. I’d love to work with you so that, together we can improve your health, increase your chances of falling pregnant and having a healthy baby, decrease you risk of pregnancy complications and also decrease the chance of your baby developing diabetes or heart disease in 50 years! 

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