“What really works when it comes to diet and fertility? Fact vs Myth”

Did you know what you eat in the months leading up to conception not only drastically impacts your chances of conceiving but influences you baby’s future health? Talk about pressure!

If you’re looking to boost your fertility naturally then you’ve come to the right place. The diet and lifestyle of both men and women has a huge impact on your chances of conceiving. Making a few dietary changes can have a significant impact on fertility success. 

It may come as a shock, but the latest research also shows that what you and your partner eat, as early as approximately 3 months before a child is conceived can change the way your child’s genes are expressed. This means it can influence their risk of health conditions later in life such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

If you’re trying to conceive then you have probably found yourself googling diet for fertility or you’ve been given some “helpful” information from well-meaning friends or even health care workers. The more information you get the more confused you may become. 

When you work with me I give you the facts and support you to optimise your nutrition to: 

• Optimise fertility, increasing your chances of falling pregnant naturally

• Improve your egg health, so you have a better chance of falling pregnant with a healthy baby sooner

• Improve sperm health

• Help manage medical conditions which may influence your fertility such as PCOS

• Improve outcomes of Assisted Reproductive Therapies including IVF, saving you time, money and heartache

• Influence the genetic programming of your baby to help improve their long term health

• Correct any nutritional deficiencies so that you have all the essential nutrients to support a healthy pregnancy

• Help get your body baby ready so that you are closer to creating the family you dream about.


Whether you are currently undergoing IVF or you’re thinking about starting a family in the future, now is the time to focus on the things you can control, like your nutrition. 

The first step is to make an appointment today

“I clearly remember my first client who came to me for dietary advice to help her fall pregnant. She had been trying to conceive for a couple of years and had been given so much conflicting advice. I will never forget how overwhelmed and exhausted she looked. As we talked about food she told me she felt guilty every time she ate. Fruit “too much sugar”, dairy “they say it’s bad for fertility” carbohydrates “I was told I should eat low carb” meat “I thought I should only eat plants if I’m trying to get pregnant”, you get the drift. She had lost her appetite, was nauseous and exhausted. Her diet was deficient in so many essential nutrients despite the fact she was taking handfuls of supplements each day. 

That was many years ago but that client was my motivation to learn everything I could about nutrition and fertility. I now spend my days supporting women who are trying to conceive, helping them navigate through all the misinformation out there, and giving them the best chance of falling pregnant and having a healthy bub.”