Pregnancy & Fertility Services

Pregnancy is an exciting time but it can often be a time of uncertainty and confusion around food. 

I’m sure you want to eat a nourishing diet that’s good for your health and your growing baby but working your way through all the conflicting pregnancy diet information could leave you with more confusion than clarity.  

Have you ever found yourself asking any of these questions:

• How can I reduce my nausea?

• What foods do I actually need to avoid for listeria?

• Can I eat fish? What about the mercury?

• Which supplements should I take and at what dosage?

• Am I gaining enough or too much weight?

• Am I getting all the nutrients my baby needs?

• Can I do something to control my food cravings?

I can answer all your questions and make healthy eating for pregnancy EASY.

Also, together we can develop a personalised nutritional plan that can help prevent pregnancy related complications such as: 

• gestational diabetes

• excess weight gain

• high or low baby birth weight

• preeclampsia

Did you know what you eat during pregnancy also influences your babies brain development, immune system, and even their long term health! Yep you heard it right, what you eat during your pregnancy has been scientifically shown to influence whether your child will be overweight, have diabetes or heart disease as an adult. It’s a lot of responsibility.

Understandably  you want to do everything you can to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, but you’re not expected to know all the answers. I’m here to provide you with all the expert  guidance and support you need throughout your pregnancy, to give you the confidence to know you’re doing everything in your power for your health and to have a healthy baby. 

If you’re pregnant and want to learn about how nutrition affects you and your baby make an appointment today. 

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