Nicole uses the InBody 270 to provide you with a detailed and accurate body composition analysis. It works by running a low level multifrequency current through the body’s cells to determine the tissue that they are made from (eg fat, muscle, water etc). The InBody is the most accurate bioimpedance body composition analyser available on the market and is used by a wide variety of universities and research institutions.

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Energize Physiotherapy & Clinical Pilates Studio
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The InBody 270 Body Scan Consultation costs $50

What You Get

Body Composition Scan
A full page print out of your personal results
Consultation with dietitian to help you analyse and interpret the results
An interpretation guide booklet to take home

What it Measures

The InBody 270 provides you with an accurate analysis of:
• Weight
• Muscle mass
• Percentage of body fat
• Visceral fat levels
• Metabolic rate
• Segmental fat and lean mass
• Waist to hip ratio

Preparing for the Test

• Avoid eating or drinking 2 hours prior to test
• Please go to the toilet before use
• Do not use immediately after shower, sauna or exercise

Not Suitable For

• Anyone who has an implantable electrical device such as pacemaker, defibrillator, nerve stimulator
• Pregnant women
• People weighing over 250kg
• Children under the age of 3

Book a Body Composition Scan

Engergize. 32 Chester Street
Oakleigh, VIC, 3166

If you are a gym owner or trainer and require InBody scans for your clients, get in touch and I can come to you for group scans.